Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy Birthday to Us

12/12/66 = my birthday
12/12/64 = E's birthday
12/12/05 = us celebrating our birthdays together :)

We actually started Friday with a trip to E's cottage. Wood fire, snow lightly falling outside, chilled sparkling wine. mmm perfect : ) : )

Saturday we went snowshoeing - to me the best part was walking along nice, flat wide open trails, but E quickly got bored with that and led us into a more wooded area. At one point I was having a little trouble finding my footing because the path was narrow and made of sharpened, jagged branches sticking out in all directions - not the kind of place you want to fall. I looked down to my left to see a 2 foot drop and running water and to my right, pooled water.
"What are we walking on?"
"Beaver dam"
"How am I supposed to do that?"
"Keep walking"

Can you see where this story is going?

That's right - kersplash!

At least I fell to the right, into the shallow, pooled water. In retrospect I should have been more suspicious when E insisted that I borrow a pair of waterproof pants instead of just wearing my cool weather running pants.

I got up and managed to traverse the rest of the beaver dam fueled by venting my aggravation with a stream of expletives.
"What the hell were you thinking?"
"You know I just got those snowshoes - I wanted to just try them out."
"And you did. You can't test them on flat trails."
"I fell into a beaver dam!"
"Actually you fell off of a beaver dam."
"Grrr. I'm all wet"
"One hand is wet, and you've got waterproof pants on."

At this point I was just shaking my head. The worst part is I knew what I was getting into. Any time you go on any outdoor activity with him, you have to expect that he will push your physical and mental limits to the point where you want to kill him. Every time. I'm not sure if that reveals more about his twisted mental state or mine since I keep asking to go on these outings.

As a grand finale to the afternoon of showshoeing, I was given a choice of more slogging through the woods or going on the road. I chose road, but after 30 minutes of lugging my snowshoes uphill I started to doubt my choice.
"I thought you said we were close to the cottage."
"We were only abut 100 meters away"
'Why are we still walking?"
"That was through the woods. The road route is about 5 times longer."
"Why didn't you tell me that?"
"You didn't ask."
If I hadn't been so freaking tired, I could have killed him. Again.

Ahh, but it's never dull, always interesting.

Tonight we are supposed to have a quiet dinner for two. I don't know if it involves skydiving or heli-skiing. I'm hoping the only extreme part of the meal will be the calorie count of the chocolate, but since I didn't ask I can't be sure.


Dodi said...

Happy Birthday!

At least you got a good story out of your adventure. Was E wearing water-proof pants as well? Or did he just make you wear them?

Karen said...

E has high-tech gear. I think he was wearing anti-gravity pants. That why he didn't fall over.

billygoatbartman said...

Is the beaver dam o.k.?

Happy Birthday you two.

Karen said...

v funny!