Thursday, December 22, 2005

Neglecting Nate

I was in charge of getting Quinn & Nate onto the bus the other morning, which I did, and it isn't easy - it involves finding coats, backpacks, boots, gloves and hats and getting them to stop monkeying around long enough to get out the door. Quinn is pretty self-sufficient - give him a heads-up on the time and he goes into action.

Nate is another story... I was sure I'd end up driving him, but he managed to make it to the bus. When he got home he handed me the note pictured above. I was not instructed to do any snack double-checking. Linda put Quinn's lunch and Nate's snack on the table. Quinn managed to get his, but Nate forgot his and somehow it was MY fault. What are they teaching kids at this coddling school? If it were my school I would have had Nate write this note:

Dear Self,
If I want a snack during the day I should put one in my own backpack in the morning. I should also be thankful that snacks are allowed. In my Aunt Karen's day, there was no snacking during the day.
My Aunt Karen had to make her own lunch and then walk to school every day. If she forgot her mittens she just had to be cold. I am very lucky to be me.



E said...

He must have gotten the note in his co-dependency 101 class or from the “You shouldn’t think for yourself” propaganda pamphlets in homeroom. It looks like this is a pre-canned note that teachers give out to remind parents that it’s ok for your kids to be helpless. It may seem a little harsh but I side with Karen on this one. If you are hungry often enough, you will remember your snacks the next time.

Karen said...

Nate said she downloaded it from the "irritating teachers website"
I wonder where he got that from...

billygoatbartman said...

I don't remember getting a snack time. The only notes that I had to bring home from school caused me to a crack on the ass from my Dad. The only part of that note I like is that it doesn't say Dear Dad.

W said...

Didn't Karen walk five miles uphill to school and then five miles uphill BACK?

This is what I remember.