Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Practice Rejection

"..... first round finalists of the 2005 RWA Chick Lit Writers of the World GET YOUR STILETTO IN THE DOOR CONTEST.
FALLING UPHILL by Wendy Tokunaga
STARS IN HER EYES by Chandra Years
STRAIGHT TALK by Tera Lynn Child "

Please note the absence of my name on that list. This is the contest I entered back in September. The point was to force a deadline on myself to get moving and to get some feedback. I should receive my feedback by the end of the month. So yes, it is a success either way. Still - did I harbor fantasies of winning and being heaped with praise and accolades? um, yes.... does that make me delusional or human? Anyway - I am still moving forward and still happy with what I have so far. I have to admit that a little bit of me is a little bit deflated, but not enough to stop or to go back to the "I can't do this" place. It's early. I'm still getting warmed up.


Dodi said...

Human, definitely human.

Of course, I'm finding myself surprisingly depressed because my Dad told me he stopped playing the lottery about six months ago. I've been harboring dreams of him winning the lottery and sharing with me since high school. My Mom and I often had trouble conversing about anything during my prickily teenage years (and let's face it my twenties as well) but we could always play "What will we do when we win the lottery." I either have to give up the dream or start playing.

I love that you are just warming up. You can do this. Go Karen!

Karen said...

I only play the lottery when the pot is HUGE. Of course then the odds are much slimmer to win so it doesn't really make sense, but it is fun to fantasize for just those few minutes about what to do with the winnings. : )

I managed to get a lot of writing done today. Apparently rejection works for me. Not sure if that's good or bad. Good for now I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Hey, who cares that you did not make the first round in this contest. It is very clear that what you are doing feels right to you, and that's the most important indicator of the right direction. If you love doing it, with all the ups and downs of the process, it's your thing, isn't it? After all, you did not find any reason to blog about your days of tech writing.

I am right now struggling through a book on scientific writing, and here is a possibly useful quote:
"...frustration also can drive a writer back to do better, get it right, bring that more satisfying world into being". Not that you are at the frustration point :) Just a hick-up. Good luck!