Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Almost Time for Another Freakout

If I wasn't so tired I would do it now. Spent the afternoon at Emma's school for a meeting about uhh... I"m not sure... the need for more meetings? It was one of the strangest meetings I've ever been to. That hitchiker's guide song 'thank you for the fish' keeps playing in my head.

My role in the meeting was to take notes. I did my best, but it was like being in a class where the lecturer never really said anything, just babbled in jargonspeak. So - zero book progress today. I spent the morning calling various places trying to drum up freelance business. It was good in the sense that I got some practice and worked on lowering my Minnie Mouse phone voice. Luckily, my mom has my PR under control and already sent my website address to everyone on her e-mail list. Watch - I'll get more business through her than through my own efforts. I won't complain!

So tomorrow- book book book and then more book. Then I'll freak out.

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