Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Had Enough Yet?

The blog and the discussion board aren't quite enough. Now I have my own website for my burgeoning freelance business:

It doesn't seem to be live yet - it's still "propogating" What does that mean? I'm not sure - I just keep checking, waiting impatiently for it to show up.

I'm not thrilled with how it looks - I used default templates to save time. I hope that the look doesn't detract too much from what I'm trying to say. I still need to add some more pages to make a real online portfolio and I need to complete an "About Me" page. After that it will pretty much remain static until I can afford to have it done properly.

For the portfolio, I'll need to scan some selected pieces and maybe somehow make the text available - not sure yet how I'll do this. I need to choose the pieces first.

As for the book, I am apparently terrible at research. Those of you who were with me during my stalker phase might remember how badly that went. Well, unfortunately something bad must happen in this book and I had to dig around to find something bad but not horrifying. It's really not that fun to read old newspaper articles about real crimes. Depressing actually. I think I found one that will work for the purposes of the story. I need to quit playing with the colors on my new site and start writing the crime bits. yuk.


Dodi said...

You really got going on the website quickly, congrats. I left some feedback on Karenworld for you.

You could use the story that happened to the painter my poker buddy hired to paint one of his rental properties. I told it to fits and ksl, maybe you heard too. It was gross, but nobody dies. But it would certainly make a person not want to associate with the culprit. Here is that bare-bones report: link

Ed said...

The site is live in Montreal! :)