Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Judgement Day

So the idea is... I can work anywhere I have a computer or a notebok and a pen, right? My goal is 8,000 words per week. This trip to Montreal is supposed to be a trial to see if I will work when there is distraction around or if I will be distracted. The verdict? Last week's word count:


Not good. Not even half of what I needed. In my defense I also did three character sheets, but STILL that does not make up for the lack of productivity. Visiting my old office was sort of work-like in the sense that it's a bit of networking, but still...

Bad. I'm bad. I was running around too much, visiting friends. This is not supposed to be a big vacation. I will redeem myself. I will be so prolific this week that I will make up for my shortcomings last week. That means I need 14481 words by the end of the week. This feels like final exams for a class I didn't keep up in. I'm cursing myself but at the same time, I know I can pull it off.

Gotta go. Bad Karen.


Ed said...

You're in MTL? Let me know if you head downtown at all during the week. We can hook up for coffee.

Karen said...

SEEE? Seeee?

Of course I want to see Ed. Of course I'd love to get downtown this week. Must be productive.... I'll have to see how things stand by Thursday.

Karen said...

3016 words

More than double last week. Maybe it was all percolating....


Ed said...

My work # is 398-6631.

Good luck with the writing! :)

Dodi said...

This is why you need to participate in NaNoWriMo! Sure you have to put down your current project and work on something new, but think of the work habbits you'll develop in just one intense month.

Ksl and the boys can join you. There is a kids version this year. You can turn the whole house into a writer's den with too much caffine and late nights.

You know you want to!