Thursday, October 20, 2005

Right Brain, Meet Left Brain

My right brain and left brain aren't getting along.

RB: Woo-hoo, I'm moving into act II

LB: Whoa, whoa, how many total words do you have?
RB: words, schmords - don't stifle the muse, man
LB: the muse needs to have 90,000 words by Christmas or Santa is going to skip over your room
RB: no Santa?
LB: no Santa
RB: FINE. Stifle my creativity and do your stinkin' word count
LB: let's see - a bunch of files, no order to them, holes in various plot lines. If I print out this mess and add up the totals, you have 21, 030. Not bad, but we need to analyze Act I a bit further before we move on
RB: You said no editing until 2006
LB: I didn't say edit, you chocoholic flake. I said analyze and fill in holes until we reach 30,000, ok?
RB: I hate you
LB: back atcha

So, yeah - I've lost my grip on reality and am now an unmedicated schizophrenic. AND I have piles of printouts all over my floor. I hope little elves come in and organize this into the snappy new binder I bought at Staples.


Dodi said...

Shopping for office supplies is the best.

Trackrick said...

I have the same problem, except my left brain wants to analyze the work that needs to be done, while my right brain wants to surf the web and play City of Heroes. The right brain usually wins. Oh, the perils of being left-handed.

PenlessJackson said...

So I understand... if you hit a certain number of words you'll be published, right?