Monday, October 24, 2005


I spent the majority of the weekend working on my other site so I have pretty much been neglecting the book. Our hapless heroine is perched on a cliff - will she jump? She's getting tired of standing there, or is she wobbling... no - teetering...

Yes, yes, I'll get back to it. Right now I need to deal with the cyclone in my room. Someone dumped a bunch of work samples all over the floor and they don't seem to magically be making their way into file folders in the handy "work samples" storage container.

I really appreciate the supportive e-mail you send, like the following from a faithful reader in Montreal:

Blog getting stale. Readers losing interest.

Plainfield, IL - CEO of karenworld to hold press conference later today to explain why viewers are being deprived of much needed content on the Karen and Linda Blog. With the last posting on the K&L blog over 5 days ago, critics are citing dissention within the Karenworld empire.

After sweeping reforms to who can publish on that blog, ex-partner L. Stratton said, “I can’t even get my two cents in. She just cut me off and is hogging the site for her own agenda.”

Viewers of the popular blog are now starting to believe the rumours that the blog is just another in a series of over hyped, disposable media outlets in the growing Karenworld empire. One reader cited the Karenword discussion group, K&L blog, and now the new Karen Smock Freelance site as examples of Karenworld executives creating a media dependency and then abandoning a site and moving on to a new format.

One information availability advocate said, “[Karenworld] is becoming like Microsoft. As soon as I get used to one thing and I like it, they tell me I need to upgrade to a new product I don’t understand.”

A Karenworld spokes person said the move to the new web site was not intended to shut readers out but to open up a new, parallel market and that all three sites would continue to receive the attention they deserve. The new Karen Smock Freelance site was designed with slick graphics and lots of eye candy that appeals to companies with too much money to spend. The K&L blog is still targeting readers like desperate housewives and retired soap opera stars.

Other rumours circulating are that The National Enquirer has entered in to informal talks with Karenworld CEO in order to secure the rights to use the K&L blog to publish Elvis sighting reports and unauthenticated UFO pictures. Karenworld executives did not want to comment on that rumour saying it was too early after breakfast to think straight.


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Where are the UFO photos?