Thursday, October 06, 2005


Yesterday was an insanely busy day of running around. First, downtown to meet friends for lunch. I definitely don't miss trying to park near a metro station! Lunch was fun, food delicious. I wish someone would open up a Basha or an Amir in Plainfield.

Then off to my old office to pick up a freelance check and say hello. That took 2 hours! Fun to see everyone, but I felt oddly disconnected as though it had been much longer since I left.

Next stop - dinner with the ex. It was his birthday and I gave him one of Tad Williams' books - it seems like the kind of thing A. would like. We had a nice chat. He's not traveling at all for work any more so he's in town, getting more involved with local activities. He lives in the same apartment building we lived in for the last 3? years, but a smaller apartment. Very odd to see half of the stuff that used to be in our apartment in his place. My new place looks completely different. Again I felt completely disconnected from the person who used to be his girlfriend.

Are these disconnects the best way to move on or some kind of coping mechaism? Not sure, but it feels good to have faced my previous life and have confidence in the direction I'm heading even if I'm still taking baby steps.

Tonight: dinner with Stephen. Looking forward to it. Today: enter some text I wrote by hand on Monday. Thought it was crap at the time. On re-reading it, I think it works even though there are unanswered questions. Moving forward...

BTW, the refrigerator and pantry here are FULL of chocolate. It's like freaking temptation central. I'm getting hooked on Nutella in the morning. I'll definitely be working out tonight before dinner.


Dodi said...

Yum, Nutella. Love that stuff. First tried it in a health food co-op in Madison, WI. A girl working there was standing at the counter eating it out of the jar with a spoon. I asked what it was and she offered a bite.

Sounds like you are in a good place mentally.

stephen said...

karen and i shouted a each other over dinner in a noisy resto. it was great to see her and catch up.

i will start my true crime novel this weekend.

Karen said...

Good thing we went to that place before it got "busy" Next time we'll go to Jack Astor's for some peace and quiet.

The plot for his book is xcellent - he just needs to get 'er done