Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Don't Jinx It

Where does that come from? When things are going well and I start to think about how happy I am and how lucky I am and how amazing everything is, an evil troll starts swinging his spiked club saying "Don't jinx it!"

What does that mean? Don't enjoy it? Don't appreciate it? Don't asssume it will last? Well, jinx be damned, I will enjoy it, I do apppreciate it and I hope to hell it lasts. If I just jinxed it, then you are my witnesses and you can all say I told you so and you and the troll can sit by gleefully watching as I choose to never enjoy anything ever again or as I put a band-aid on the spot where the jinx hit and go shopping for a bigger, spikier club.

In other news, I managed to crank out 26 pages Monday and 10 pages Tuesday. I am trying to hit my week quota today because then I'm off winter camping - no heated cabin, just me in a tent, wrestling with black bears over the last Snickers bar. Or it could be me snuggled up in a sleeping bag thinking about how happy I am and trying frantically to remember all the hilarious scene ideas for my book that seem to pop into my head whenever I am without pen and paper.


Dodi said...

That's where shopping for teeny-tiny journals comes in. I'm in love with these little three-packs of pocket sized with paper-board covers instead of the regular black. About 28 pages each. I've got them stashed everywhere now. I keep one in my purse and use it more that I would have thought.

I'd suggest a mini voice recorder, but I don't know how purist you are in camping. Also, it you have an iPod, they have an acsessory for voice recording into your pod.

Way to go cranking out the pages! Have fun camping.

Dodi said...

As far as Jinxing goes, while I do tend toward superstitious in a glib sort of way (knocking wood, but never my head), I think it is healthier to live in the present and count your blessings.

Good for you for being able to look around you and realize when you are happy and content.