Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sleeping With the Astronauts

I tried out the memory foam bed last night - you've seen the infomercials - these are the beds created with Nasa technology. They're supposed to repsond to body heat and provide better, more even support.

I liked the feeling of sinking into it, and I did sleep for 10 hours, but I'm still not sold, particularly considering the astronomical price tag. My favourite bed ever was the heavenly bed in a Peach Tree hotel in Atlanta. Now that was a comfortable bed.


Dodi said...

I need a new mattress and have been contimplating the memory-foam bed. Please keep us updated on your findings.

dorothy said...

I love the memory-foam bed, but I bought the real one--Tempurpedic. It's the bed Karen is testing. I love it. If you tend to get aches and pains it is wonderful. I've slept on the Westin Heavenly bed and like the memory foam better. To me, sleeping on the memory foam is like sleeping on air.

Karen said...

I do sleep well on it - I've been sleeping 8 hrs+ and not waking up during the night.