Thursday, February 16, 2006

The problem

The problem with sending out excerpts is that now I'm psychotically checking my e-mail looking for responses. MUST CALM DOWN.

No more excerpts. Once the first draft is done and revised, it goes to my proofreader and reader and technical advisors.

I like how easily I say "Once the first draft is done..." as if it's just another item on my to do list like taking out the garbage.

Some stats: 154 pg done out of 360 pg needed. that's almost halfway through draft one version 5 (or 6?), but I SWEAR I will finish this one. I have it outlined to the end. I've skipped a couple of chapters in the outline and added a few in, but otherwise, I'm sticking to the plan. 6 pg done so far today. If I wasn't wasting so much freaking time obsessively checking my e-mail maybe I'd get something done. Damn.


Dodi said...

Hold on! Want to read it again before emailing thoughts.

I did find myself thinking of it when I woke up this morning, that's a good sign.

Karen said...

Thanks for the feedback from all excerpt readers. I know I was being ridiculous wanting instant comments.