Friday, February 17, 2006

Quick, Sacrifice Something to the Weather Gods!

I am eternally thankful that they smiled on me last weekend when I was curled up in a tent outside, but today the portal to Hoth re-opened. Freezing rain on top of snow, then sun, but not a kind sun, just enough sun to illuminate the havoc wreaked by the fearsome wind.

Since I had no paying work today, I was available to chisel the ice off of the sidewalk and driveway. (Not requested by e-he can walk on it no problem as though it were gravel. I see an icy sidewalk and cower inside, throwing salt at it, praying it will melt.)

After de-icing I went back inside, sat back down at my desk and heard a horrible noise - bad noise, chunks of house being torn off noise. I went to investigate and saw big pieces of fence down. See photo exhibit.

If I thought de-icing was bad, it was nothing compared to fence piece gathering. Keep in mind the wind was still whipping these giant fence pieces around as I picked them up and untangled them from the wire baskets protecting the neighbours' prize-winning rosebushes. Then I got to drag them and try to stash them under the back porch so they can somehow be salvaged. I have no idea what snappy tool in that toolchest will repair ripped plastic fence pieces, but I'm sure I'll find out. THIS drawer is for miracle fence repair tape...

It took 3 truffles, a 45 minute conversation with Linda and my camping booties to help me recover. Enough with the wind already. My plan for the weekend is to barricade myself in the basement and watch the all chick flick channel on the satellite.

Someone come get me in April.

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