Monday, September 05, 2005

Chieti Goes Down

She ran smack into a hurdle and has a huge knot on her head. It doesn't appear to be a concussion, so she's up, but staggering a bit.


Dodi said...

Chieti needs more than Mr. Potato Head for this one? Well, it was a holiday weekend, no problem. Holiday over, back to work.

I wish you would share more about what you are working on. I guess you want to be careful about putting too much of the plot out here in the public space, but still it would be interesting to read about the content/process you are going through. Maybe you could use a code, or talk about the struggles specifically but at a tangent to the actual fiction. I just keep thinking that if you write about the writing in less abstract terms it will help in the overall creative process.

My favorite painting instructor, Peter, once told me how important it was to consistently put something into my sketchbook everyday, even when uninspired. He said it was just a sketchbook and there were supposed to be lousy ideas and lame drawings there. Peter said if you opened up the average sketchbook at random and looked at ten pages, if there was one good page that was an excellent average. 1 in 10 is a good average for creative output.

Using that ratio, if you have a daily low pressure outlet, either here or a personnal journal, you are allowed an awful lot of stinkers. If your output is high, there is a higher percentage of good stuff. And the pressure for every piece to be great is lessened.

I figure if this works for one creative discipline, it should be applicable to another.

Karen said...

Thanks for the input. It's hard to be honest about mistakes, but it's impossible to learn without making them. I'll try to pull the curtain back a bit more in the next post.