Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Even My Angst is Unoriginal

I followed a link that was posted in my Yahoo Chick Lit group to read an old online diary of an author in her pre-pub days. It was pages and pages of ups and downs, whining and "this is crap" talk. It looked exactly like my blog! Apparently I am on a well-travelled path. My new plan is to track words per day in a paper diary so I can see patterns and hopefully not freak out when I have a slow day or two. If I'm really organized, I'll post weekly tallies here.

I finished We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirly Jackson. I loved it - great story about two crazy sisters living together :)

Now I"m flipping between a couple of chick lit books - Coffee and Kung Fu and Making it Up As I Go Along (this one is more women's fiction than chick lit)


Dodi said...

No, your angst isn't unoriginal, especially since you got more detailed with it.

But I worry about this issue too. I certainly don't want my blog to resemble the notes I wrote to my friends in high school (i.e., "I'm so bored." "No body loves me." "my mom sucks" "Man, I am sooooo bored.")

The tracking thing sounds good, as long as it doesn't obsess you. Like watching the scale too closely, that kind of metric might drive me to dispair. Maybe you should think about some additional measures of successful writing. I'm not sure what, anything other than counting is subjective. Maybe you should track you emotions on a scale too. See how they relate to successful writing. Maybe you'll find it *is* darkest before dawn.

Dodi said...

Has your keeper let you out to go potty yet?