Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pulling the Curtain Back

We are learning. There is no *one* way to do this. We've read a lot of "how to" books, and everyone has a different process. Some need a detailed outline, others just write "whatever" and let the story flow.

I like having an outline. We had an outline for our stalker story but then got really stuck on the stalker and scrapped it. Then we were working on a two points of view story about two females on different tracks - gee, kind of like me and ksl... We were trying to show that neither track is perfect or easy and that both require tweaking and self-awareness to make them work. Grass is greener effect blah blah blah. This story was getting very complicated and intimidating. It is shelved for the moment.

The new story is much simpler. One main character. Short time frame. Simple plot. We're analyzing our favorite chick lit books and using them as an example of how to arc the story, how much detail to go into for minor characters, how much description is really necessary, etc. We toyed with the idea of trying to crank out something that follows a formula, like romance, but for now that idea is shelved.

We're also learning how to best work together. With 2 POV you can have 2 people writing, but ksl was really miserable. Now we're back to me doing 1st drafts and ksl fixing up the holes, revising to show/don't tell, etc.

Now I'm blatantly not following the advice in the books about not talking about the process. Too bad. I'm doing this for me as well, so I can go back and see the ups and downs, and hopefully see and learn from my mistakes along the way.

I'll keep you posted on our progress. Get it? Posted?


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Dodi said...

Excellent! Voyeurs love details!

I'm not asking you to do anything you don't feel comfortable with or that hinders the process, but if it works okay for you please keep the nitty-gritty flowing.

You realize that ksl gets the better part of the deal right? At least most people I know would thing so. I guess the important thing is that the partnership uses your strengths and makes you both happy. Or should I say, makes Chieti happy.

I think I'm becoming a vicarious writer. :-)