Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Need a Talisman

I'm afraid of jinxing it because... today was a good day! Ksl came in my room with paper in hand this morning at 7:30. I was technically awake, but still lying face down in bed. That wasn't going to stop ksl! She held out her paper and read the whole game plan to me. She figured out where each major turning point and crisis had to happen and plugged in the events we had discussed in the previous days.

I think she might have transmorgrified a ksl duplicate because ksl is incredibly busy. I have no idea where she found time to do all of that book planning. She has to get all 3 kids dressed and off to school each day - this involves helping complete homework, making breakfast, filling out countless forms, keeping track of who needs to wear which shoes for P.E. days and remembering who is/isn't buying lunch at school each day. In addition, fall is quickly approaching so she has been lugging up the storage bins of fall clothes and sorting them for herself, fits and all 3 kids.

I had to get myself out of bed and make my own coffee. Once I was fully awake and caffeinated, I ran with the plan, and - this is the jinx part - the plan is working!! She's a genius! I'm related to a genius! Neighbours think we're the same person so I'm often mistaken for a genius!

I hope I still feel the same way when I wake up tomorrow and re-read what I did today. Maybe I'll place a rush order from first. Just to be safe.

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