Sunday, September 25, 2005

Getting On With It

Once I stopped screwing around and just sat down and forced myself to finish, I finished. I am now re-revising the synopsis and first 35 pages so I can send them in to a contest. The point isn't to win - there's no cash involved. The point is to get feedback in the form of a scoresheet. Friends and family are great readers, but I doubt they can be as brutally honest as I need them to be. Except Dad. He can be brutally honest, but I doubt that he would make it past the first page of any chick lit book.

After sending in my contest entry, it's full speed ahead. I have 8,000 words done and I need 80,000 - 110,000. So all I need to do is repeat what I just did nine more times. My goal is to have a first draft done by Christmas, take a break and then revise it. In the mean time, I need to get some cash coming in. Plan: call library - am I still being considered? Possibly apply at Kohls - they're hiring stock people for Christmas. Work on corporate freelancing - this is probably my best option for maximizing earnings per hour. Need to get a real web site going, polish my "flyer" and do some mailings.

Today I am taking a break from all that. I am dressed to go for a run in the humidity soup outside. Then I will wrestle with my fright wig humidity hair to get ready to go downtown for a bridal shower tea at the Drake. I'm quite fancy and important.


Dodi said...

Wow, congrats. Sounds like you've been working your little heart out. I'm kind of jealous.

I'll read it. Can I read it?

Why Kohls? Why not a bookstore or something? I've heard Home Depot pays really well for part-time and that most of the chain coffee shops have full benefits for part-timers.

As for the humidity, bleck. I had to turn my AC back on, not for temp but for sticky. I got my hair cut yesterday and had it cut shorter in back than I have for years. Turns out I have some funky waves back there that I didn't know about. Just great.

Dodi said...

P.S. Ever since you mentioned it, your picture is freaking me out. Why are your eyes doing that?

Trackrick said...

The eyes are doing that because of the flash reflection and because the eyes were light-colored blue to begin with.

Also, when a picture gets shrunk down, pixels get removed. The darker parts of the eyes got averaged out.

That's my semi-professional opinion, anyway.

Incidentally, I noticed in the preview of my comment that I made the comment at 11:21 AM. It's actually 2:21 right now. One of us is on Pacific Time, I think.

And, to stay on the topic of your post, if you do repeat what you just did 9 more times to get your 80K word minimum, don't literally repeat the same 8000 words. You'll probably get some harsh comments on your scoresheet.

I guess that last part went without saying, but I did want to stay in-topic.

Karen said...

Dodi, do you even like chick lit? What did you think of Hand Me Down?

I'll work on a new picture...

If I could just cut and paste the same 8,000 words I'd be done already!

Dodi said...

I do like some of it. I just have to space it out between other reading or I get frustrated with it.

I did like Hand Me Down. It made me laugh a lot and I liked the characters. I loved her antique phobia. That whole rug thing was cool. At first I thought I wouldn't like the sisters but she fleshed them out quite nicely.

I'll read the other one you suggested soon. I just didn't want to go from one to the other.