Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Potato Head Perspective

This morning I was rewriting Chapter one AGAIN, even though I keep saying I will stop doing that and move forward. I was feeling aggravated, annoyed with myself and tired of being stuck at the same place.

Emma stomped into my room with Mr. Potato Head, grabbing at the back part where he stores his accessories. "Dis stuck. You help me?"

I unstuck the accessories compartment and she raced out of my room, looking at all the endless possibilites now available to her. She came back a few minutes later with him fully accessorized: cowboy hat, bug eyes, handlebar moustache, mismatching ears and big orange feet. "You win 'dis as a pwize!" she said and handed it to me.

He's been sitting next to my monitor all day, sticking his tongue out at me. I'm not sure how long she'll let me keep him here, but for now he's helping me keep the faith: as soon as I get unstuck it will all come together. Thank you, Emma.

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